Scan then separate?

Is there a way to stack a whole bunch of documents in my scanner’s automatic document feeder, scan them as one large pile into DT, and then separate them into individual documents? Or do I need to scan each document by itself, save it, then scan the next, and so on?

Yes. While viewing a multipage PDF, display the page thumbnails.

Click on a thumbnail and press Command-A to Select All. Control-click (right click) and choose the contextual menu option, Split Document.

There are other ways to do that, as well.

Thanks again Bill, but tried this approach on two different multipage PDFs and in each the Split Document contextual menu item was greyed out for me.

This could be a great timesaver if we could get it working. Did I miss a step?

Sorry, I gave wrong advice.I don’t split PDFs very often, and was mistakenly describing a utility that I used to use for that. It created 1-page PDFs split from the selected range of pages. DEVONthink uses a better approach, as it can let one handle splitting of a PDF that contains segments of varying page lengths.

DEVONthink does PDF splitting very nicely. While viewing a PDF, scroll down to one page below the point at which you wish to split the PDF. Choose Edit > Split Document. Or, Control-click on the page thumbnail and choose the contextual menu option, Split Document.

Example: If page 1 of the PDF should be split out as an individual 1-page document, scroll to page 2 and invoke the Split Document command. If the PDF should be split out as a 3-page document, scroll down to page 4 and invoke the Split Document command.

The result of each Split Document command will be two documents. If there are more pages to be split out, repeat the procedure until all the individual segments have been created.

Each of the resulting PDFs will have a different name via an extension, and can be renamed as desired. For example, while viewing a PDF, select some text that can be used as the document name, Control-click and choose the contextual menu option, Set Title As. Or type in the name in the Name area of the view list or the Info panel.