Scan to PDF in DTTG


I know that the title of this post is a dream and I wanted to ask when it will come true :slight_smile:

I also wanted to ask which is the best way to scant to PDF to DTTG using another app - and which one you are using.
In Scanner Pro (which I really like but which would be of no use for me if the above mentioned functionality was included in DTTG) I need 4 taps to send the PDF to DTTG, which I think is much.

What ways are you using to scan to DTTG?


This topic has been covered numerous times in the forum; check out a search for scan dttg for example.


Oh sorry, thanks!

I use the document scanner feature in the Apple Notes app

Scanner pro app from Readdle works perfect (ok just realized you mentioned this app in you post)

Scanner Pro gives good results but I feel there are too many taps between Scanner Pro and DTTG.

I just realized that the files app in iOS has a great scamnning feature - if only I knew how to use to with an app automation!

did not realise the files app can scan. just tried, it looks like it doesn’t scan but just take a photo?

Tap in the upper right corner “Scan Document”. Auto border recognition and saved as pdf.

Files under the … Menu at top right scans using the camera. But I prefer Scanner Pro.

For either one, it would be great to have an automation that saves a scan in DTTG…

that’s what i did but it didn’t seem to skew the document and recognize the border. i still have 30% table in my shot :wink:

The automation I would like to have is just open the files app with the scan window, I then make the scan and save it to DTTG. It would save two taps…

Beware of the files app (and maybe Notes, as well) — scans can be 20 times as large as most scanner apps (even with compression turned off) without really any improvements in quality (I think it uses the default resolution of the camera vs scaling down to what is needed for the job). I’ve tried many of the scanner apps and think Adobe Scan’s free version offers the best balance of ease of use and features.

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Agreed - file size is a problem with scanning in the Files app
It’s not a problem with scanning in the Notes app

I’m imagining this is possible using the Shortcuts app on an iPhone - I’ve only just discovered how powerful the capabilities are. It can, for instance, easily create GIF files from a video in the Photos library using the sharing sheet. I’m guessing a shortcut could be programmed to automate saving a scan to DTTG.

I use scanner pro with different actions sending it to different monitored dropbox folders depending on how I want stuff tagged. No four clicks. But you need Mac OS version.

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How do you do that with fewer clicks?

Go into the desired DEVONthink To Go location in You can ”scan” and if will be created in that location. However DEVONthink To Go is not going to do OCR on the file automatically.