Scanned document directly into the inbox


is it possible, when i scan a document to a networkdrive vor example \nas\test_inbox that this path is syncronised with the inbox in devonthink pro?

i just want to scan, start the devonthinkpro and would like the see the scanned documents on my inbox.

is that possible, if yes, how can i fix that?

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If test_inbox is a DEVONthink database, then no, you cannot scan directly to the Inbox of that database.

If it’s a directory in the filesystem, you can index the location in a DEVONthink database. See File > Index… You should also do some reading on these Forums, especially posts by Greg_Jones, as he uses indexing almost exclusively.


thank you for your answer… i’m still not happy with that tool…

are there any best practices to work with it?

for my setup, i got an network-scanner, two mac’s, central storage. so i just would like to know an easy, working setup. for example:

  1. where do i put files where i just scanned over the network-scanner
  2. how do i convert that scanned documents into a searchable pdf document. i found the setting, but it doesn’t work, maybe something on my setting is wrong.

so my major gaol is, that i can scan documents, they are stored on a central place and if i start the tool, i just want to group them in diffrent folders… so everything should go automaticly from the scanning to an inbox (or something else) folder.

how do you fix that?

  1. You can do the scanning and OCR outside DEVONthink to your central location.

  2. As I stated before, you can index the location into a DEVONthink database. When you select the indexed group in the database (or select File > Update Indexed Items… in a database), you can updated the database’s contents.

  3. It’s not going to automatically file things, though you could utilize a third-party tool like Hazel to do some of this. You can search our Forums for posts about peoples’ integrations with Hazel.


thanks for your post.

last question… i understand that with the index on my network-drive and also that i could to the ocr on scanning… but if i get some documents over e-mail i don’t have the ocr. So i don’t want to do the conversion by myself.

so i found a setting on OCR called "incomming scans: convert in searchable PDF’s’. So what is the meaning “incoming scans” it is not the Global inbox or the Database inbox. So where are the incoming scans are located?

best regards