Scanner Setting Brother MFC

I have been experimenting extensively on a viable scanner setting for my brother multi-function scanner. This scanner does not appear to work with image capture or exact scan. It does, however, allow me to send scanned documents directly to DTPO using the software that shipped with the scanner.

I have been working with a 21 page document. Setting the scanner to 300 dpi in B & W creates a 18.4 MB file when OCR is run. Oddly, I get a much smaller file (12.5) when I scan at 300 dpi in color, but the scan is less clear. Really, both of these file sizes seems a little big for the length of the article. OCR quality is set on 45% for both quality and dpi. When I run a file without OCR is comes out at 11.5 MB in B & W.

I know this is not really a DTPO problem, since the problem is with my scanner and scanner software, but does anyone have any experience working with a similar scanner that might be useful for me? A previous poster wrote that he was scanning in Color and then optimizing to B & W, but I do not seem to have that option with my scanning software. Is anyone having any luck creating a viable workflow using a Brothers scanner?

I also have used an MFC.
Still do sometimes.

Read Iris that came with mine is what I used with it.
Don’t know what you have with yours.

BW scan–PDF with text output

I replied to your other post about exact scan.
Canon worked best with Exact Scan
Brother with Read Iris

Also–My BW outputs were in the 1 mb range.