Scanning alignment help?


Not sure if you can help me however…

I have a Macbook Air connected wirelessly to a Brother MFC-J6910DW multifunction printer. I am trying to use the automatic document feeder to scan many documents into DEVONThink Pro Office version 2.3.4

Using the file menu… Import … Document (from ExactScan) I start scanning a pile of 10 or so pages and each one comes across to DEVONThink however they are all being scanned with a gap off to the left hand side of about 2-3cm of blank white space and missing the corresponding area on the right hand side of the page.

If I scan using the ADF and … Import … Document (via Image Capture) then they all come in fine.

I have turned off the automatic crop and de-skew options in the ExactScan options.

I have not purchased any other version of ExactScan and am just using the built in version. I would consider getting the full software if this would solve my problem.

The only reason I am asking this is because I would prefer to use the ExactScan option over Image Capture because the ExactScan option starts the import of the data into DEVONThink while the scanning process is still going while with Image Capture it seems to have to wait until all the pages are scanned before starting the importing process.

I also plan to put in a wired gigabit switch between my printer and macbook air (and other devices in this room) (using a USB-ethernet adapter) in order to speed up the data transfer process.

Any suggestions for how to make the ExactScan option work properly? Have you seen this issue before?

Thanks for any advice,