Scanning Legal-Size documents

Hi all,

I’m trying to scan a legal sized document, but of course the bottom part is cut off. Is this a limitation of Devonthink or of my scanner? And is there any way around it? I’m using Devonthink Pro Office 2 beta and a Canon MP830 multifunction printer/scanner/fax. Thanks.


It’s not a limitation of DEVONthink Pro Office. I can scan legal size documents with my ScanSnap and with my CanoScan LIDE 500F.

I have had the same problem in that I had to scan in large format documents (Birth Certificates etc).

Have a look at the software that came with your Canon MFD. There might be some software that allows “photo stitching”. This software came with my Canon MFD. You can scan the document in two parts (making sure there is a good overlap) and electronically “stitch” them together using the supplied software.

This method is time consuming so if you have a lot of documents to do, it might be worthwhile investing in a scanner that handles larger format documents.


Take a look at the preferences in your scanner dialog. In my Scan Snap preferences, I can choose mixed paper size and automatic detection.

See screen shot.

With this setup, not only do I get legal sheets, but long register receipts that go into my Receipt Wallet database.

Thanks for the replies. Turns out that my scanner doesn’t support 8.5"x14" documents, so I can’t find a way to scan larger documents. Thanks for the thoughtful responses though.

I was wrong. I just used a program called VueScan and it allowed me to scan the legal sized document. So must be a software limitation on Image Capture, OR I’m just not doing it right with Devonthink Pro.

Have you tried the simple solution of setting the scan document page layout to this size? Then do the scan setup and scan at that size.

Tried it with Image Capture and for some reason, it didn’t work (when using the document feeder, it only gives you the option of ‘letter’ or ‘A4’; and I can’t use my flatbed because it’s only 8.5" x 11"). I don’t see a way to change source size via the Import function on Devonthink. Am I missing something?

I’m assuming you’re using the File > Import > Document (via Image Capture). A new document opens up with the Scanner Options sheet visible. At this point you can choose the File > Page Setup to set up the page size. Now, depending on the supported scan area you can enlarge it to encompass the whole page. This depends on the capabilities the scanner reports to our application. That’s all there is to it.
If you want full control, I would suggest you install the Navigator software that comes with the Canon (or you can download it from their site).

Ok, thanks for the tip! I thought that dialogue box (‘Page Setup’) only applied to printing. Works well nonetheless. Just as an aside, any way to implement that method into the Scanner Options sheet? Also, would be nice to have a toolbar icon for scanning. Just a thought.

Or taking them to a place like Kinko’s. You’ll have to see what the cost would be to outsource the scanning versus the cost of a large format scanner, which can run well over $1k, though a quick google search turned up a Mustek for $200 that will do 11x17 originals.