Scanning to Imports from Queue?

Are you supposed to be able to set “Imports” as the destination of a Queue-based scan? Right now it only lets me select a DB inbox or group, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to browse or search for any other location.

I’m trying to scan multi-page documents, so I’m hoping to use the sort/sort and merge functionality (which the manual seems to indicate is accessed through Imports).

What am I missing? (I can’t decide if I’m missing something super-obvious or if the software isn’t working properly.)

Is this what you are doing (from page 60 of the DT3.5 manual):

Select your connected scanner or camera in
the Devices section of the sidebar to run a
scan or download images from a connected
iOS device or camera. The main pane shows
an interface similar to what Apple Image
Capture uses.
Choose the scan destination in the To pop-
up menu. Either send the scan directly to any
of your databases, add them as single files
to the Imports section, or choose any binder
that you have created there.

Yes, thanks. And I have no trouble finding Imports in that “Devices” menu. The issue is only in the Queue. There, the dropdown for “Destinations” doesn’t show Imports, just the DBs. (Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to work, but I’m a bit confused.). Oddly, it still seems to route queued traffic through the Imports, however, as I discovered last night (when I discovered another issue: all scans show as single pages, even when you set multiple pages in the Seperator field or use the Blank Page separator; will have to research that further).

I’m sorry, my setup is rather different, and I’m not able to retrace your steps to reproduce this. @BLUEFROG I need help helping here, please :slight_smile: Well, or for you to help :wink:

The Queue doesn’t show Imports as a location, but perhaps it should.
@aedwards or @cgrunenberg would have to assess this.

Bear in mind, you don’t have to use the Queue to scan multipage documents.
In the scanning interface you can set the Destination to Create Binder and continue adding pages - or make use of the document feeder - until you press the Save button.

Thanks everyone!

@BLUEFROG - Thanks for the guidance. Thought I’d offer a bit more detail because I’m experiencing some strange behavior that feels a bit off (but, again, maybe still just figuring things out.)

Two quick prefatory notes:

  1. Blank Buttons. Oddly, unlike the screenshots I’ve seen in the manual, the add to queue/remove from queue buttons at the bottom of my Queue interface have no labels/text in my version (see screenshot).
  2. Destination Options. I gather from your message “Create Binder” is supposed to be a Destination option in the Queue, but it’s not for me. All I have are (a) Recent Destinations (b) my Inboxes and © my DBs and their groups. In the Device view, the “To” options DO include both Imports and Create New Binder. But in the Queue, neither is present.


  1. I just scanned an 8-page document (4 double-sided pieces) in the Queue with the following settings: (Document Feeder/Color/300dpi/Duplex when put into Queue)
  • Destination: Inbox (again–no Imports option)

  • Type: PDF

  • Seperator: Page Count (but identical result for test with Blank Page option)

  • Pages: 8

  • OCR: checked

The result was 8 individual pages in my Imports folder. Strangely, I did the same thing just before for a two-page document using the flatbed, and it delivered a 2-page PDF to my Inbox.

Any thoughts on what I could be doing wrong? I’m trying desperately to memorialize a lot of length paper documents before an imminent move, so figuring out how to scan multi-page PDFs using the document feeder without having to individually bind each document is a huge priority. Would appreciate any further guidance.


I can confirm the dark mode issue and two other artifacts. Notice the type appears to be shadowed in dark mode. This persists after quitting and relaunching DEVONthink.

Switching to dark mode when DEVONthink is running leaves the bottom toolbar in dark mode.

It also leaves the scanner controls in dark mode…

And one artifact in light mode, when the queued item is selected and you switch to Imports and back.


Lastly, if no name is entered in the queue, the scans will just go into the Imports section. Is that intended or not? I can see it being useful in some cases, so perhaps it is.

I gather from your message “Create Binder” is supposed to be a Destination option in the Queue, but it’s not for me.

No. It isn’t an option but perhaps it should be.

Also note you need to enter a Name for the queued document.

Great–thanks for all the info.

One last clarification: If I want to scan a multi-page document from the document feeder, is there a way to create a multi-page PDF all in one go, or should I always have to add the pages to a binder manually in the Imports view in order to “save” a multi-page PDF? (That’s the key issue at the moment. With the weird flatbed exception I described in my last message, I currently can’t scan multi-page PDFs. Every page becomes its own individual PDF. I think I’m following the manual’s instructions properly, but maybe I’m missing something.)

You’re welcome.

You can queue up a multi page PDF but as noted previously, you need to enter a Name for the queued document.