Scanning UI minor glitches when using a scanner's own interf

After starting from Import > Document (from ExactScan)…, I check the box in ExactScan Capture to use the scanner’s own interface.

It is confusing which settings are in effect: those in the ExactScan Capture dialogs or those in the scanner’s own interface. I’d suggest removing duplicated options from ExactScan once control is turned over to another interface.

When scanning multiple pages the Scanning more pages dialog (Stop and Add) is buried in the center of the screen underneath any large scanner interface window from another interface. I’d suggest always bringing it frontmost. It is confusing when nothing is happening and the application is waiting for input but with no visible dialog.

The OCR Activity window is in the lower left of the screen and also sometimes buried underneath any window that happens to be in that area. Again, bring it frontmost.

Actually, no. This is not recommended design by Apple’s HIG. But if you want you can place the panel anywhere on the screen and it remembers this location. Secondly, there is a menu Window > OCR Activity that will bring it to the front.

The other suggestions I have forwarded to the ExactCode team.

Thank you for your suggestions. I added them to our to-do list. Which scanner are you using?

Thanks for the reply. I sorta understand the “why” of the OCR Activity window in regards to the HIG, but user feedback is missing in this case that differs from other Mac operations. Maybe it is in making DTPO active and not ExactScan Capture at the point of starting OCR. Or a bigger window and progress bar.

I use the Canon ScanGear MP (TWAIN Driver) 12.11.0 with a MP530 AIO device.