Scanning with a Doxie Go - some questions

just got myself a Doxie Go scanner. It’s portable and the ability to scan without being connected to a computer is a definite plus for me.

After fiddling a little bit with the software, I’ve managed to send the files from Doxie to DevonThink with minimal manipulation (select them all and press send !)

It seems both Doxie Go and DevonThink use ABBYY FineReader (no version number that I can detect …) and in my limited testing, it takes about the same time to get one or the other to do the OCR conversion.

As anybody else been using Doxie Go, and do they have any particular comments on best practice (let the scanner OCR or let DevonThink do it?) It seems the DevonThink files are a tiny bit smaller, but it’s not very significant.

How do you like it? I’m considering a portable scanner with wifi and the Doxie sounds great–but I’m a new DevonThink user (as in I installed it two hours ago) and wanted to use the two together along with a iPad and my iMac to manage my projects and documents.

Does anyone else want to comment on portable scanners they like with DevonThink and why?