Scanning with Epson fails, but works in ImageCapture

I have an Epson Perfection 1250 USB scanner (yes, it’s old…). It works great in Image Capture, I have used it many times. But I cannot get it to work properly in DTPO.

I bring up the capture window, and this causes the scanner head to do a scan, so the software IS recognizing the scanner. However, the overview/preview sheet that pops up is blank. So, I play with the controls (e.g. trying different resolutions, including 300 and 600), and though the scanner acts like it scans each time, the sheet remains blank (even though there is a document in the scanner).

Finally, since the preview/overview is doing no good, I click “Add Page” to see what happens. The barber pole at the bottom of the “scanned document” window starts turning, next to the message “Epson Perfection 1250/GT-7200: Scanning…”. But, nothing happens. Nothing at all. Eventually I close the window. Failure.

Note, I am using DTPO 1.3beta2, on an Intel MBP (first generation, 2Ghz core duo) running 10.4.8 with the latest security updates.

Help appreciated, TIA

Please see this forum topic that shows how one user managed to get it to work. The Epson scanner software is proving to be finicky to work with.
Pro Office and Epson scanners: communication failure