Scanning Workflow - Help to optimize

This is my current process. I have an Inbox tray for everything that I want to scan be it personal or work. I scan it in using my SnapScan as a searchable pdf into the Global Inbox. I have 3 databases - one for email one for personal and one for work. I would then like to move the item from the Global Inbox into the appropriate Group. I would like to use the See Also and Classify however it appears that it only provides suggestions from the current database so I do not get any suggestions when a document is in the Global Inbox. So I basically have to have a 2 step process where I have to move the document into the appropriate database first and then in the appropriate folder.
I am seeing my options either I presort the paper and scan directly into the appropriate database ? or I combine all of my databases into one ?
Is there a way for the See Also and Classify to work across databases ie on all open databases.
I would appreciate any comments on how to improve this workflow.

Not yet but this will be part of an upcoming release.



Now we have to wait with anticipation for the next release :slight_smile:

Hi all,
Maybe this isn’t the best way in, but I’ve been wrestling with DT Personal for a while, and my flow was to scan into a set of files in Mac OSX.5 and then import them into DevonThink. Got tired of that, and with the searchlight capabilites, I’ve been able to find whatever I need. Is there a way to scan directly into DevonThink Personal?

Is there a rough timeframe for this?