I just want to send a compliment. I’m using Exact Scan to bring pages in with OCR. May be my imagination, but the latest beta is giving me much better results than before. Scanning black and white pages in color then optimizing back to black and white gives me better results than the originals.

I had to shop to find a reasonably priced duplex scanner-found it by buying a Canon MX850 AIO. Usually find it on sale for about $180.00.
Works well. Hope this helps someone.

Thanks, Mike

I am trying to figure out the best setting for scanning b & w text myself. Could you explain how you “optimize back to black and white”? What settings are you using on the scanner and OCR that are giving you good results. Thanks so much for your help.

In Exact Scan in Basic Settings set to 300 dpi color.

In Exact Scan Advanced settings click on optimize to B/W-you might want to try sharpen also.
I didn’t change the slider things.

I experimented a lot also-the color scan is very large (24mb) but when the output is optimized to B/W the size of the finished product is reasonable.