ScanSnap and DevonThink Pro - Differences in scan quality

Hi, my first post :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed differences in PDF quality when I scan with just ScanSnap default settings or when I’m scanning from ScanSnap into DevonThink. The DevonThink file is blurrier and darker.


(left is ScanSnap-to-DevonThink file, right is ScanSnap default scan file)

Actually I’ve also noticed similar differences between non ScanSnap PDFs when I import them into DevonThink and run an OCR scan with DevonThink. The new file that is made after the DevonThink OCR scan is usually also blurrier and darker.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.


I think this should work:
Go in DT-Settings -> OCR

There you can set the resolution to “Same as scan” while performing OCR. Haven’t tried out yet, but this seems to be a good approach.


I changed it to “same as scan” but it is still darker after scan:

EDIT: Let me clarify: if I import a PDF and run it through DevonThink OCR engine, the PDF becomes darker.