ScanSnap creates duplicate scans

I saw from an earlier post that when scanning into DPTO with the ScanSnap that there are duplicate files left behind outside of the DPTO database.

Even though these can be trashed, it would be real nice if they would not be created to begin with as they have no purpose. I know of no other scanning combo that has this problem. Is there a way to prevent the dupes from being created to begin with?

If not, is this a bug for Devon-Tecnologies to fix or one for Fujitsu?

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. :slight_smile:

During the test period it served as a backup of scanned files in case anything were to go wrong with the OCR > save to database routines.

I’ve never had anything go wrong, but people who had installed haxies, especially ShapeShifter, did have problems capturing PDFs, because their operating systems had been damaged.

This may be addressed in the future. For the moment, I’ve designated in ScanSnap manager a folder into which the duplicates are stored, and periodically empty it.


I understand and will probably use your methodolgy.

A lot of hassle would have been averted if such deliberate “features” were at least mentioned somewhere so people don’t waste many hours trying to figure out what is going on. At first, I wondered if the files were actually stored outside the DB and was afraid to toss them, and since the names didn’t match it was more confusing. Then I tried to find a way to stop this feature, search the documentation and web site and so on and on and on…

Oh well… undocumented idiosyncracies doesn’t endear one to a new product.