ScanSnap Home, ScanSnap S1300, DT3

Does now a wonderful longlasting romance come to its end? There is being offered an upgrade from ScanSnap Manager 7.2L51 onto ScanSnap Home. But this ScanSnap Home would not support the ScanSnap S1300 scanner. So, I afraid, its a quest of time, until the S1300 will not longer work as DT3s true companion as it did for the last 13 years. Does somebody here has any experience with operating the S1300 as DT3s scanner under the new circumstances?

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I am refusing the upgrade.

Some years ago we had the reverse situation: Fujitsu had being ceased to support the S1300 with updates. So we were at that time facing to fail at the 64 bit hurdle. Unfortunately, now probably the new times will finally bring the S1300 to its planned obsolescense.

Have you tried Hamrick’s VueScan…

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My Scansnap S1100 still works with ScanSnap Manager 7.2 and I have no plans to update that software. What’s stopping you from not updating and keeping status quo till things really don’t work? (or upgrade to new software and buy new hardware now, which I’m not willing to do yet).

Start at their download center for “unsupported” hardware: ScanSnap Software Downloads : Fujitsu Global

I scan all my documents with my S1300 to DropBox and then use Hazel to move it to my inbox. Have upgraded with no problems so far.

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I’ll try it. But, attention: S1300 != S 1300i

Just reporting what I saw. I have neither scanner here. :slight_smile:

You are right. I have indeed a S1300i.

But all it needs if scanning to a folder, then it should be possible

Surprise, surprise! There is an update for ScanSnap Manager 7.2, that continues supporting S1300: