ScanSnap Manager error on quitting/restarting DTPO

This just started, and I can’t relate it to any changes I’ve made on my computer.

When I quit DTPO and then restart it, I get a text box warning about ScanSnap manager.

It say:
“Install Fulitsu Scan Snap Manager Support”
“ScanSnap Manager support is installed but DEVONthink Pro is not the default application. Would you like to fix this?”

And then some text about what will happen if I choose to install this option.

And then some buttons to “Cancel” or “Fix”

How do I keep from losing my DTPO preference from ScanSnap and prevent this box from popping up every time I quit/restart DTPO?

Probably the ScanSnap manager preferences are changed in an incompatible way (maybe there are two references to DEVONthink in there?). You can either remove those by hand, or click the checkbox in the panel to not warn you again.

Are you suggesting I delete one/some of my DTPO .plist files? If not…what exactly (besides the checking the box suggestion) are you suggesting when you say manually remove? I’m an older guy that recently converted to Mac…so my literacy is minimal.


Quit the ScanSnap Manager and then you can remove this file in your home folder > Library > Preferences >

Then start DTPO and follow the instructions, that should bring you to a known state. Of course, if you made any changes in the ScanSnap Manager’s preferences, you will have to set those again.

Thanks…that did the trick.