scansnap - multi host & wireless - Possible or Not?

Looking for confirmation or advise regarding ScanSnap.

I have the iX500. It can connect over USB3 and / or wifi.
Set up works, no problem there.
However, the scansnap is connected to our mac mini server.

Purpose would be:
1 to scan usb connected from the mini server
2 to scan using wifi from my macbook or my wife’s mini

This doesn’t seen to be possible?
It seems either or, which is a limitation I don’t understand.

For wifi, you have the wifi setup tool. This links a mac with the scansnap.
<-> but you need to be connected with usb for the connection to work?
-> this also implies it is not practical nor easy to switch wireless scanning from one mac to the other??

In contrast with all this, you can set up Android and iOS devices to scan wirelessly without any problem??? And these can each connect to the scansnap…
This works like > import from scanner should work…

So to recap (it seems to me):

  • scanning to a shared folder works - no problem there
  • further distribution needs e.g. DTPO to work on the folder or Hazel
  • It is impossible to have 1 mac scan to folder

AND< have another one scan to Devonthink or any other application

  • it is rather tedious to switch between scan to file and scan to Devonthink (I would have preferred to have 1 mac scan to file and a 2nd mac scan to DTPO)
  • my preference goes to scan without user interference, hence scan to folder, this folder is shared, so any user can get to the scans
  • unfortunately this inhibits scan to DTPO… so I would need to find a way to automate DTPO pick up “certain” scans

Thanks for sharing and shedding light!

What is the question?

Does anybody know of a workaround to
have both options on:

  • scan to devonthink
  • scan to folder
  • 3rd party software app that would achieve the same as the scansnap app on iOS and Android, but then on win or os x

To be more specific:
iX500 scansnap is connected to a server - so it is not intended to login and work from the server desktop.

(Initially I couldn’t even scan to file\folder\location without ‘confirming’ on screen… But that has been solved)

So, “both” is “can I do all three simultaneously”"?

The is answer is, you do “scan to DEVONthink” and “scan to folder” if you either (a) scan to a folder that has a DEVONthink folder action to import and OCR, or (b) you scan to a folder that does not have a DEVONthink folder action but the folder is watched by Hazel (or some other service) and Hazel manages the import to DEVONthink. There are numerous threads in forum history that delve into these options.

The answer to #3, AFIAK, is I don’t know what “achieve the same as the scansnap app on iOS and Android but then on win or os x” means. Are you looking for a universal scanning app that is available on OS X, Windows and Android?


In the mean time I have been in touch with ScanSnap support (phone) and they confirm my findings.
Also - for other users - if you only use a single computer, none of this is interesting.
This is only interesting for those among us that use several computers, mac or win, and or mobile platform.

I’ll try to clarify:
One way or the other (at least verified for OS x), it is either or.
So either your PC connects wirelessly to the scansnap.
Or your PC connects via USB(3)

Apart from this connection, there exists a mobile scansnap application, both for iOS and Android. I have tested these 2. Maybe also win mobile exists but I am not aware of this.

Now what strikes me is that while your scansnap may be connected to your PC wired or wirelessly, this does not interfere with the mobile apps.
I can thus, open my Android or iPhone, fire up scansnap app, if both are connected to the same network, the scansnap app is able to scan from the scansnap.
This works very much in the same way as DTPO’s > import from scanner does.

  1. you place the to be scanned documents in the scansnap
  2. in the mobile scansnap app, the blue S icon in the app will light up when it has found your scansnap, you press scan, and the app starts receiving the scan.

Explaining this is more complicated than doing it.
Really very convenient.

My wish is that my OS x machines would not be inferior, and would be capable to run a similar app and wirelessly scan from the scansnap.
So yes, maybe a third party app for OS x can do this??

Fujitsu is aware of this.
I have hinted that they should do the necessary to improve compatibility with wireless hosts.

You put the physical document in the ScanSnap and press the blue “scan” button using the mobile app?

I’m missing something, Why is that convenient? Just press the blue button on the machine. No?

Why not just use ScannerPro and forget all the other stuff. My ScanSnap is mothballed – glad I’ll never have to spend money replacing one again.


Perhaps you’re forgetting situations where there are a lot of sheets to scan, and with the ScanSnap “hopper” you get them all scanned while you are free to do other things. :smiley:

Well, no. If I trusted the scanner to work alone without error, I would lose PDF pages. The scanner’s work needs checked – skipped pages, paper skewed by the hopper or cut off, etc. Pushing the ScanSnap “scan” button remotely with my phone doesn’t prevent scanner error. :confused: