ScanSnap not working with Big Sur

I was thrilled when ScanSnap reversed course and released software to work with OS X (I have the S1500M scanner) but now I’m on Big Sur 11.4 and can’t use the app. though it seems to me that others are having success. I can’t even open the Scan Snap manager but get the message that “The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of mac OS. Contact the developer for more information.” Have I updated beyond what the Scan Snap release will accommodate? This is so frustrating… I love my old model and am hesitant both to try 3rd party software and to buy a new scanner… any advice welcome… thanks!

Presumably you mean S1500M? The ix1500 is the current flagship model and will work with ScanSnap Home, which is suitable for Big Sur.

yes, was just going to correct my message. S1500M

Suggest you try getting Scan Snap to work outside the DT environment first to see if the problem lies specifically just with Scan Snap itself.

The system requirements for the version you have are here. Do you meet them? According to that page it is compatible with macOS 11 (Big Sur).

You might want to try to contact them to see if they can help get you going independently of DT. Then - if that works - report back here for DT-specific help.

Good luck!

Which version of ScanSnap Manager have you installed? I note from Fujitsu’s page that the most up-to-date version listed for the S1500 is 7.0, but that newer scanners list 7.1; it is possible using 7.1 might solve your problem.