ScanSnap question

I’ve been using DTPO w/ my ScanSnap fi-5110 eoxm for several years now. I’ve never had any problems. I recently had it working on my MacBook with 10.6.4 flawlessly. I just purchased an iMac and am again running 10.6.4…this time in 64 bit mode though. I don’t know if that is what’s making the difference. On installing ScanSnap Manager, the “Profiles” section of the manager is completely absent and “Applications” is grayed out.

I’m not sure if it’s SSM that recognizes DTPO or the other way around…but currently the “auto” recognition isn’t occurring either.

I downloaded and installed the ScanSnap_V22L11.dmg package from Fujitsu, and when I noticed the missing features…went back to Fujitsu & downloaded/installed ScanSnap_V22L12_S510M_S500M_S300M.dmg. Still no luck with the missing features.

I know these are the DT forums…but I only use my scanner for getting content into DTPO. I tried the tech support at Fujitsu…and they were completely useless.

Never mind…I worked on it all day, and 30 minutes after posting I got it working. Thanks

In case others run into the same issue, could you post again and describe the fix? The ScanSnap software can be confusing (at least, it’s confused me :unamused: ), so maybe there is some learning that would be useful for others.

Well…I’m embarrassed to admit that after the hours I spent trying to make it work…it was just the menu item “Use Quick Menu.” If it’s checked the “Profile” option isn’t visible and the “Applications” tab is grayed out. As soon as it is deselected, these options become available again.

Very simple…it’s too bad I wan’t smart enough to figure out something this simple!!

Thanks for posting the follow-up. I just had the same problem and you saved me from pulling my hair out.