ScanSnap s1300 connection problem

I’ve just installed & connected my new ScanSnap s1300 to my Mac OS 10.6. I started DTPO, then a message suggested I installed Direct Support. I OKed, but got the following message: “An error occurred while installing the support files!Can‘t find any preferences for the ScanSnap Manager application. After that application has started, go to the “Setting…” menu and click OK. Then quit it and return to /Users/idokeren/Library/Preferences.” Not comprehending exactly what that meant, I just manually added DTPO to ScanSnap Manager App list. So, if I press the scan button, I DO get DTPO immediately importing the scanned image. Also: the Mac’s Image Capture DOESN’T recognize the ScanSnap. Help, anyone?

That’s what the installation would do.

AFAIK the ScanSnap is still not compatible to Image Capture.