ScanSnap S1300i

I have referenced the DEVONthink Blog at to try and setup my scanner with the shiny new software but at Stage 4 the Application group does not exist.

By Editing the default Profile I can add DT as an Application to send scans too but it also saves a copy to the ScanSnap folder on the Mac.

Have I missed something?


Please see if this post (specifically, but possibly also the whole thread) helps you: DT3 with ix500 and Scansnap Home - Setup problem - it was specific to a bug, but explains some of the goings-on

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This is what I think you might be looking for - note the “Original Document: :white_check_mark: Move to Trash” in the DT3 preferences.

Thank you, I will give that a try.

In the meantime I have used ‘Folder Actions’ and DT script to move and delete as scans come into the saved folder.

Peter H