Scansnap S510 M - basic questions

I tried to get an answer in the German sub forum but I didn’t so far, so sorry about posting it again here but I need an answer before I can make a decision.
I’am a beginner as far as DTPO is concerned.
I’am thinking about buying a Snapscan S510M but I need to be sure about how it basically works. Here is what I expect, please tell me if I’am wrong. Thank you! (… and sorry for my poor English :wink: )

I put a bunch of pages in the scanner an press scan, the scanning process starts and all pages are scanned into DTPO, OCR starts and the scanned/recognized pages will be saved in the database. Is this the process I can expect or is such a “scan and forget” scenario not possible?

i wrote you an answer in the German section of the forum.


Yes, that’s the process. But see two option settings that affect how the process proceeds:

  1. In DT Pro Office, if the option to set PDF attributes is unchecked in Preferences > OCR, scanning will proceed without requiring user intervention to enter PDF attributes such as TItle, Subject and keywords. That’s what I prefer, as scanning is faster than OCR. I don’t want the OCR queue to pause while the computer is waiting for me to enter the Title, etc. I’ll do that later inside DT Pro Office.

  2. In ScanSnap Manager > Settings > File option > Option you have the choice to save each page in the feeder as a separate PDF, or to aggregate all the pages in the feeder into a multipage PDF. I’ve got multipage PDF selected, and load the sheet feeder accordingly. That is, if the paper copy is 6 pages, I insert that six-page copy and press the Scan button on the scanner. When it’s scanned (which is quite fast), I’ll insert the next paper copy, which might be one or two pages, and so on. So I end up with PDFs that correspond in pagination to each paper document scanned (up to the maximum stack allowed by the sheet feeder). Note that I’ve told ScanSnap Manager to automatically handle duplex copy, as the ScanSnap handles two-sided paper copy very quickly, but doesn’t produce extra blank pages in the PDF if the copy is one-sided.

Thank you much for your useful explanation, that is exactly what I was looking for.

One more question. I could get a bundle, the S510M and Readiris Pro 11. Is the Pro version of Readiris helpful in combination DTPO <–> S510M, matter of fact is there any advantage?

I’ve got ReadIRIS Pro 11 and never use it. The IRIS OCR engine in DEVONthink Pro Office handles my scanning/OCR needs. But I don’t need the special language packages that may be available from IRIS.

I see, thanks.

It depends on your needs. If you have many old, often handwritten documents, newspaper snippets, notes on paper, you will get much better results using the full ReadIris application. There are more possibilities to detect different fonts and languages, combined with better handprinting recognition.

I’m using it in combination with DT Pro.


Thank you.
I’ve got an offer this morning (S510 M) including Acrobat Prof. 8.0 and Abbyy FineReader 9.0 Prof. so I decided to go for the FineReader.
Hope my decision was right as far as the FineReader is concerned.

Would you share your experiences with FineReader? I heard it must be far superior to Readiris regarding the OCR, and of course I’m also interested how it works together with DT.