ScanSnap S510M working with macOS Sierra ?

my Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M ist still doing fine, but Fujitsu stopped support already with Mavericks :frowning:
I am still on El Capitan, but I would like update to Sierra.

Is somebody running successfully the ScanSnap S510M with macOS Sierra ?


Unfortunately I had to give up the 510 due to OSX incompatibility in the past. I just upgraded to the latest ScanSnap iX500.

Of course, I don’t like this message – thank you for daring to share this information with me.
I promise, I will not shoot the messager :slight_smile: – I appreciated the clarification.

So, I will put off the update to Sierra and stay even longer a happy camper with my S510M in white color (okay it got a bit yellowish over the years).

Hello Herb,
I’m using my white S510M on a MacPro 2013 with Sierra. ScanSnap software and driver were already on the mac when I’ve upgraded to Sierra… Both the scanning and the OCR process continued to work.

Note that I don’t know if I’m just a lucky person or if this may work for all the Macs with Sierra… I would not mind causing you any problem, so it’s better if you ask other people, maybe on Apple forums before upgrading.


  • Marco.

The Fujitsu website list version 2.2 of ScanSnap Manager as the last supported version for an number of old models including the S510M and the fi-5110EOXM. However if you install version 3.2 it should still work with your scanner and more importantly work on Sierra. You could try installing this version on El Capitan before upgrading to Sierra.

What is not support is the ability to start a scan directly from inside DEVONthink, unfortunately you need a minimum of ScanSnap Manager v6.0.10 for this.