ScanSnap scanning from within DTPO

I was able to scan within DTPO until yesterday.

I am able to use ScanSnap Mgr. to scan, but would like the functionality within the program–I used it.

So far, I’ve unplugged USB & Power to the S500, uninstalled/reinstalled SS Mgr., ran my usual maintenance routines with YASU + AppleJack (deep clean mode), restarted several times and I am still met with the frustrating “No scanner is available, would you like to open “Image Capture” to browse for a scanner device? Sometimes scanners need to be manually connected in “Image Capture”. Go to the “Devices > Browse Devices…” menu and check for TWAIN Devices” message.

What is causing this, and what can I do to repair the problem?


Fujitsu’s ScanSnap is meant to use ScanSnap Manager. I don’t think the ScanSnap will work with Image Capture. Why would you want to do that? You would lose a great deal of functionality, such as two-sided copying, automatic page size recognition and so on. And I like the ability to load pages into the sheet feeder and press the Scan button, rather than have to turn back to the computer to initiate the scan.

I get great results with my ScanSnap as set up with ScanSnap Manager. Make certain you’ve selected DEVONthink as the receiving application and PDF images will be sent to DT Pro Office for OCR and saving to the database.

Hmmm… Hopefully, this will clarify my question:

It isn’t that I want to work with Image Capture. The reference to Image Capture is a quotation from the window that pops up when I attempt (within DTPO) to import from the scanner: FILE > IMPORT > FROM SCANNER… At this point, all options are greyed except CAPTURE. When I select CAPTURE, DTPO provides a popup window/message that reads:

[color=blue]“No scanner is available, would you like to open “Image Capture” to browse for a scanner device? Sometimes scanners need to be manually connected in “Image Capture”. Go to the “Devices > Browse Devices…” menu and check for TWAIN Devices.”

So, while it is clear that the software provided with the scanner is for the product it is shipped with, my question regards regaining the functionality of scanning within DTPO rather than justifying my occasional preference for not using the scanner button on the ScanSnap.


You cannot use the ScanSnap from within any application other than the ScanSnap Manager because Fujitsu doesn’t ship any drivers for it.

But you do have all of the functionality of scan control, OCR and database capture when using the ScanSnap Manager with DTPO. Plus you have fast sheet-fed scanning of multiple pages, the option of duplex paper scanning, automatic page size recognition, automatic color recognition (if so set) – that’s why the ScanSnap is my favorite scanner for use with DTPO!

DT Pro Office has two modes for interaction with a scanner:

[1] Automatic receipt of the image-only PDF from the scanner, followed by OCR and storage to the database.

[2] Scanner control though Image Capture, followed by OCR and storage to the database.

The first mode, if allowed by the scanner software, is more automatic and is preferable for multipage documents, especially from a sheet-fed scanner.

The second mode is provided for the many scanners that can only be accessed via Image Capture, usually flatbed scanners than can accept only one page at a time.

Fujitsu doesn’t provide an Image Capture driver for the ScanSnap. But even if they did, I wouldn’t use it, as that would severely cripple the functionality of the ScanSnap scanner that’s provided by the ScanSnap Manager software.

When I’m scanning multiple documents with my ScanSnap I turn off DTPO’s Preferences > OCR to enter document attributes. Then I can feed documents into the sheet feeder one after the other, without a pause to enter document attributes (I do that later).

And, Bill, I suspect you’re organized enough to do exactly that.

I, on the other hand, currently have 947 documents in my “Incoming” folder with names like “2007_04_03_09_40_50.pdf”…


Sometimes it’s not the tools… it’s ourselves.

Sometimes I accumulate a bunch of those PDFs with date-time names.

I prefer names that make sense to me.

So any time I open a PDF with such a cryptic name I select a text string (most articles have a title), Control-click and choose Set Title As.