Scansnap: Set Filename to text-marked content


for scanning documents into DevonThink I use the Fujitsu Scansnap iX500 . That works pretty well. The original software of the scanscnap has a feature, that allows the filename/titile automatically set to some content in the document, that was marked with a green textmarker before scanning.
Is there a way, how I can do the same when scanning into DevonThink? I am using the preset, the Devonthink created, when installing the software…



I never liked the feature to Name the document based on highlighted text, because such highlighting can reduce the accuracy of text recognition.

I uncheck the option in DEVONthink Pro Office to add metadata after text recognition, as I prefer to Name the document after it has been captured to a database.

Often, there is a selectable text string in the document that would be useful as all or part of the document Name. Select it and press Control-Command-I. Done!

The previous scansnap software offered the possibility that OCR recognized highlighted text in a scanned document. This could then automatically be assigned as the file name of the scanned document. With the new ScanSnap Home app I do not find this feature anymore. I am aware that this is not a ScanSnap forum, however, I assume many of you are using Scansnap together with DT / DTPO, therefore, maybe you may help.

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