Scansnap with DT3

Once upon a time scanning to DT3 was so easy. I put the document in the S1300i feeder and hit the blue button. the document would be scanned, OCRed and appear in DT3 and the pdf would be in the correct folder.

I don’t think I’ve changed anything, but now after scanning I get a dialogue “ScanSnap manager - Image scanning and file saving”, where I’m offered the opportunity to either Continue or Finish scanning.

'Finish scanning’ brings up another dialogue with Favorites icons “ABBY scan to PowerPoint” for example and Devonthink.

Clicking Devonthink brings up (after a short pause) yet another dialogue with the name of the file and the opportunity to Save or Cancel.

One simple click of the button is now replaced with a workflow-destroying sequence of dialogue boxes that has made DT unviable in our environment.

Anybody suggest how we get to the status quo ante?

Nothing has changed on my devices as far as the combination DT/ScanSnap is concerned - one press of the button still does what it should and always has. If you post screenshots of your ScanSnap settings I will compare them with mine and give you feedback.

I’m obliged to use Quickmenu because (as in the second image, the image saving folder is unavailable.

can you explain what you mean by this, please?

Anyway, using the Quick Menu is probably the problem; from the Fujitsu site:

The Quick Menu is a function that allows you to select an application to perform a particular action every time you scan a document.

You can perform a particular action on the scanned image by selecting an application in the Quick Menu which is displayed after scanning a document.

Whilst that entry is from the help for the iX1600, my memory is that the Quick Menu always fulfilled that function.

In the second image in my post the ‘Browse’ button is greyed out - it isn’t possible to change the Image Saving Folder.

So I’ve disabled Quick menu and now when I scan I get a ScanSnap Manager ‘Save’ Dialog (pointed at the wrong directory, then a DT3 ‘Save’ dialogue.

Previously pressing the blue button did the OCR and the save without my intervention. I could process many documents in a short time. The current process as described above is not viable.

Ah, ok - whilst I can’t explain that off hand, does it actually matter? If you are sending the file to DEVONthink are you even keeping the “original” outside of DT? If not, then where it goes for the brief time before it goes in DT is more or less academic for most use cases, I would have thought.

I haven’t used ScanSnap Manager for a long time (it was discontinued and replaced with ScanSnap Home, before then being revived - ScanSnap Home is available for the S1300i); try disabling “Rename file after scanning” just to see whether you can then Browse.

Does ScanSnap Manager have the appropriate rights (Full Disk Access, for example, assuming Catalina or higher)?

Personally, I would install ScanSnap Home which always caused me less grief than Manager; but otherwise, please post the “Application” settings tab in ScanSnap Manager.