Scansoft Activity Window

I’ve been scanning very happily and successfully in to DTPO using a ScanSnap S1300i scanner. However yesterday I clicked the cancel button on a scan I didn’t need and since then the Activity Window seems to be stuck with a message “cancelling…” and nothing happens. I’ve scanned other documents behind it but it won’t disappear and won’t process the subsequent scans. I’ve cancelled those scans and they disappeared as I would expect

I did think of restarting the program to see if that works but DTPO won’t let me do that, the option is greyed out and when I try to use Quit from the pop up from the program icon on the bar at the foot of my iMac screen, nothing happens

Any ideas as to how I can fix the problem please?


Answering my own query I forcefully closed down my iMac even though it put up a message that Devonsoft was preventing the restart. When I restarted I had a few nervous moments when it told me that the various databases were still open but having reassured the program that they weren’t all now seems well and it’s scanning properly again. Didn’t seem quite right though!


The warning you received will alwyas appear if DEVONthink terminates unexpectedly.