Scantango use experience

Has anyone had any experience using Scantango? If so, I’d like to know the following:

  1. How do you use it?
  2. Have you been able to integrate it with your DT workflow? If so, how have you accomplished this?
  3. What are your general thoughts about it?

I am personally very familiar with Scantango and have used it for many years. With the recent debacle around Fujitsu ScanSnap Sierra non-compatibility, I’ve decided to investigate using Scantango as my front-end scanning App. It is a very powerful and flexible application with specialized native drivers for the Fujitsu range of scanners (the parent company is Mindwrap, Inc which specializes in advanced document management solutions). The only problem that I’ve had with Scantango is that it does not natively integrate with DT. It is scriptable via AppleScript, but that is not my forte.

Besides all the advanced scanning features that it provides, I am wanting to leverage,the powerful workflow features that it offers so as to better synchronize how I work across my devices. While I haven’t completely cracked the workflow code on iOS, I am very hopeful now that we have such a powerful mobile solution.


I just went to scantango’s website. There, they say the app is not yet compatible with Sierra. HereS their message…

WARNING: ScanTango does NOT YET run with OSX 10.12 Sierra.


Yes, I am aware of the compatibility issue with macOS Sierra. From my understanding, Apple introduced a change that affects all 3rd-party scanning Apps.

My interest is not on OS compatibility, but on functionality and how you use as compared to other applications. I’m using it with Hazel/Automator to move files into DT and it works well. I’ve not used it as my primary scanning App in the past because I find it a bit slower than the ScanSnap App. What I do like is that it produces very good scans.