Schedule Automatic Export Backup?

Not sure whether this goes here or in or in feedback.

I’m reworking my backup strategy for all my various tools and trying to automate as much as possible using scripts and timed things like ChronoSync.

Right now as part of a weekly review I do an export daily backup archive of all my DT databases. Monthly I prune the old backups a bit keeping about a years worth of backups. This works but can be tedious.

I’m wondering if there is any way to specify an automatic schedule for this action on all open databases. Something I can set to run say on Friday night at 9pm every week.

I’m not good at scripting and my searching was clearly not good either as I couldn’t find anything recent only some very old posts and I’m not sure they are still appropriate…

You could e.g. use Calendar events: … T.rss_ev=a

Or third-party software like Power Manager (

Cron jobs or launch agents are another possibility but I wouldn’t recommend this.