Scheduled emails not working

Have been sending scheduled search results to one of my alternate email addresses (gmail) for some time. Can’t get to work anymore. Funny thing is when I go back and look at those successful emails, they were sent from another email address (.mac) that is not my desktop default (comcast). I can’t find anywhere in DA where you can set the email address you want to send from. What could be the problem with the scheduler? I’ve tried changing the settings to allow all results to be sent, instead of new results. Still nothing.

Dan, the documentation notes that email of scheduled search results is done using Mail. However, you can designate in Tools > Edit Search Set any email address you wish to receive the message.

As Mail is my default email application I’m not certain whether it has to be the default email application – but that might be the case. Give that a try.

Sorry, Bill, I didn’t explain myself very well.

I have Mail as my email program. I have two accounts set up on it: comcast and .mac. My default account for sending mail is comcast. I had been running the scheduler for about a month, sending search results to yet another email address on gmail.

When I looked at those successful emails to gmail, they were sent from my .mac account, the non-default account on my Mail program. A little strange.

However, my real problem is that I can’t get any searches to send to email anymore. Tried a bunch of different times, ways, etc. and it’s not working.

I only brought up the .mac curiousity because I was wondering whether, through DA, you could designate a particular account to send the mail from. apparently not. DA must not directly use MAIL because even my successful search emails don’t show up in the sent folder.

Mac OS X’s framework to send messages is unfortunately not very reliable and doesn’t provide any information if things stop working.

However, there’s another possible solution:

  1. Open the “~/Library/Application Support/DEVONagent/Action Scripts/Send mail.scpt” script in Apple’s Script Editor
  2. Define the recipient and save the script
  3. Select the script in the Actions tab of the Search Sets panel

Thanks, I got the script to work after following your instructions. The only downside is the script sends whole entries instead of summary versions.

Then, I got the regular email function to start working again after installing the new update for OSX.

what does the script that says convert to RSS feeds do?

This script creates an XML file in your documents folder which could e.g. be uploaded to a website and used as an RSS feed.