Scoped Searches in DT 3.5 Failing?

This seems to be a bug in DT 3.5 search scoping (or at least a behavior change from 3.0.x):

  1. Choose a folder in a database (I used the Inbox).
  2. Enter a search term in the Search box (in the toolbar). You will see the results as usual, along with the “Search in:” scoping bar (not sure what you call it) along the top of the search results.
  3. The “Search in:” scope will be “Inbox” (or whatever folder you are searching).
  4. In the “Search in:” scoping bar, click the database name to widen the search to the entire database.
  5. The scope changes in the toolbar and the search box text, but the results dont change. You still only see results for the Inbox.

Curiously, the search results do update if the choose “All Databases”, but not if you choose the current database. I’m pretty sure this was not the case with 3…0.x???

Also, if I change the search scope in the sidebar, it updates correctly.

I’m guessing this is related to the new way the sidebar works, but if it’s intended its a bit confusing.


Thanks for the feedback! So far I couldn’t reproduce this, screenshots before/after changing the scope would be great.

Hi, I did some more work on this issue and created a clear repro, and filed a ticket with samples and repro steps. Ticket #976204.