scraping links with DA

I want to take a large amount of links from a website. In the objects drawer, I can select all of the links, but is there any way to save them all? I can download, them, but that’s not what I want. In the actions menu for the address bar, I can add the link to DT or URL manager, or to sets, but not with the actions menu for the objects drawer. Any help would be appreciated.

The contextual/action menu of the next release will include an “Add Link to DEVONthink” command which will add links for all selected items.

That would be great. Now only if the bookmarks in DT could be the bookmarks used by DA…

Is it possible also to apply applescripts to the objects drawer? There is a script for “add bookmark to URL manager PRO” but it only applies to what’s in the address bar.


The next release will also include a script property returning the objects of the drawer (both their title and their URL). Therefore this will be possible soon.