Screen capture (selection) only catching background wallpaper

Hi there

Anyone experiencing this issue. Whenever I try to use the screen capture tool on a selected area it always captures the background wallpaper, not the content I selected?

Hi :raising_hand_man: is this off-topic, or are you trying to capture DT? Is screen capturing not working in general for you, or for specific tasks? Which OS are you using?

Sorry yes, Devonthink on my MacBook Pro on Big Sur 11.2 beta.

I’m kind of guessing that could be your answer :wink: I would have thought the macOS dev forum might be a better place to ask under the circs. Or does the problem only appear when capturing from DT?

DEVONthink uses the Apple’s command line tool to capture the screen, do you get the same results when you use Shift+Command+4 to capture the screen?