Screen rotation lock?

I hope I’m just missing it, but is there an option to lock the DTTG screen so that is doesn’t rotate itself automatically? I’m using DTTG on an iPod Touch. Thanks for the help…


On iOS 4.0 use the system-wide rotation lock.

I tried the system wide lock, but there are two problems with that. One, you can only lock the screen in portrait view, and two, it is cumbersome to lock and unlock when I change between apps.

So I’ve been trying to use DTTG without the screen lock, but the screen rotation is ridiculously sensitive. In other words, the slightest tilt and the screen rotates. Safari, for example, is not nearly as sensitive to the tilt. Can you make DTTG less senstitive to the tilt?

However, I’d still like to ask for a dedicated screen lock for DTTG. If you are familiar with GoodReader, it has a dedicated screen lock and it’s very helpful. Thanks for your consideration.

The screen rotation sensitivity is managed by iOS itself, DEVONthink To Go only gets the notification that the screen is now rotated. We are trying to refrain from adding more and more preferences but have noted your feature request.

As a followup to Eric’s post, we are at the mercy of the OS in terms of screen rotation. In other words, the OS tells us when it thinks you have rotated the device - we have no control over the sensitivity or other factors that come into play in making this determination. All we could do is offer an application-specific option for setting screen lock, but as we use numerous OS-supplied UI controls, they would not respond to this setting (“they do their own thing”). That is why Apple supplies the system-wide lock, it is the only mechanism to insure that all views conform to this preference. If you are seriously concerned about this issue, let me know and I will provide you with the URL for Apple’s bug reporting system so you can let them know you want screen lock to support landscape mode (I guarantee you will be joining a long list of people who desire this feature).