Screenshot / Sorter / Include…

There seems to be a bug.

Sorter included in a screenshot. Check or unchecked the “include this widow” doesn’t make a diff.


Development will have to look into this. Thanks!

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Are you use macOS Mojave or Catalina?

im in CAT.

This only seemed to be happening with a full screen shot, capture a window or a selection did not seem to be effected. I have fixed this issue and it will be included in the next update.

I don’t know what do you mean by “full screen” but it only happens when clicking on the “screen” option. Whether the Safari window is full screen or not. It has been like this since the first beta, at least for me.

Thank you

it only happens when clicking on the “screen” option.

That is the full screen option, Alan is referring to.

ok it happens without full screen to :slight_smile: