Screenshot to PDF and Delete Image

Hello all. I would like to accomplish the following. Can this be done with a smart rule or do I need something more advanced?

  1. Take a screenshot and automatically save it to DT Inbox
  2. DT Smartrule converts the JPEG/PNG to OCR’ed PDF and saves the OCR Text into an annotation
  3. Delete the original Image leaving only the PDF file (this is the step I need help with).

My smart rule accomplished the first two steps, how do I delete the original screenshot image after conversion.


You could set the DT preference in the preferences OCR tab to “delete after conversion”, I guess.

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That setting is for incoming scans correct? I don’t think that setting applies to OCR settings in general. I might be wrong.

Did you give it a try?

Preferences > OCR > Original Document: Move to Trash applies to any OCR operation.

If you OCR to Annotation, it applies to the orignal file. It doesn’t convert it to a searchable PDF.
How are you accomplishing step 2?

Here is the rule I created. Which works but does not delete the image file.

You do realize the file is still just an image but with a Finder comment, correct?

Also, the current input changed when you used Convert & Continue.

  1. OCR to Comment just adds the text to the Finder comment of the image file.
  2. Convert & Continue generates a new file which is the file used on subsequent actions.
  3. The Move action operates on the file from step 2.

You could add a Move to Trash action as action 2.

I see. So if I create a Move to Trash Action, that will move the original image file, not the new created PDF version correct?

Correct because it’s the file matched by the smart rule’s criteria. The active file changes with the Convert & Continue.
You could even put the Move to Trash action as step one. Either would work.

Hi Bluefrog. Need some help. Here is the rule I created. It is seeing the PNG. Convering it to PDF, but than move to trash is moving the new created Pdf not the PNG. What am I doing wrong?

Also, the PDF it is creating is not OCR’ed. I do not see an option for convert to OCR’ed PDF.

ThanksScreenshot 2021-11-18 at 11.48.36

The Convert & Continue is changing the active file.
It’s saying, convert the current file into another file, then act on the newly created file for the subsequent actions. That’s what the Continue part means.

Put the Move to Trash first.
The Trash is just another location in a database, so while it may seem an odd thing to do it this way, it’s entirely feasible.

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OK now that makes sense. How about applying OCR to that newly created PDF? If I create a new rule in the folder and apply OCR, since the file type does not change, the rule keeps applying OCR to all PDFs, OCR’ed and non OCR’ed new PDFs.

Are you referring to OCR to Comment again?

No. What I want is to convert a PNG/JPG or PDF (Since I can select the file type in my capture app) to a PDF that is OCR’ed. I hope I am explaining that correctly.

Partially clear but you started the thread talking about doing OCR to screen captures. Is this still what you’re referring to?

Here is a smart rule OCR processing an image with screenshot or screen shot in the name, then moving it ot another group…

The OCR > Apply creates a searchable PDF and doesn’t leave an original file behind.

The part I was not getting was that I was using Convert to PDF. The OCR apply was what I was looking for. This solves my issue. Thank you so much…

As a follow up question, is it possible to apply login to the files. For example. If the screen shot file name is Screenshot_pers, move it to Personal folder, If it is Screenshot_work, move to Work folder? Or do I create 2 separate smart rules?

You’re welcome. I’m glad you learned some things along the way! :slight_smile:

It would be possible with a script in the smart rule. However, I suggest you use the full word in the name and no script would be needed.

Ex: An image with a name of Screenshot-Personal with this smart rule…

would be filed in a OCRd Screencaps/Personal group at the root of this database, like so…


Brilliant…Thank you…Learned so much and saved my self so much time on everyday repeated task…

My pleasure! :slight_smile:

Smart rules were made for everyone, not just the scripters and nerdy crowd. I hope my smart rule exemplifies our intentions!