Script about links

I have read the scripts about links written by many friends in this community, and I was inspired a lot! It’s so cool to be able to write scripts like you! And I would like to share one of mine ideas with you. I don’t know if anyone has realized it.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I added two custom metadata columns, one named “Relate to” and the other named “Be related”. Their type is “rich text” I want to be able to link files through the following operations:

  1. Search for the target item and get its item link.
  2. Select some items and get their item links.
  3. Add the link of target item to the “relate to” column of the selected items.
  4. Add the links of selected files to the “be Related” column of the target item.
    (If there are already other links in the column before, add new links after that.)

Although I don’t know how to write scripts, I try to explain these steps :thinking:
In the first step: we store the item link of the target item in the clipboard.
In the second step: select some documents and execute the script on them.
After getting these links, Perform steps 3 and 4 to copy the links to different columns.
I wonder if this can be achieved?

I hope to discuss details with you. Maybe there is a simpler way to achieve the link between two files that I don’t know. I wish that there will be someone who can get help from this script~