Script: Add as todo to TaskPaper

I would like to know whether the script Add as todo to TaskPaper will be updated for TaskPaper 3?

I suppose it could be though the control is via Javascript now. I don’t know what the old one did and it’s unclear from the code versus what I’m seeing in the interface.

Do you have an example / screencapture of what the output in Taskpaper is expected to look like?

@vw-devonthink why not go over to the Hog Bay / Taskpaper 3 forum and ask for help? There are some very active, professional scripters over there who are contributing a lot of new work on writing utilities like the old DEVONthink-Taskpaper. BTW, Taskpaper 3 uses JXA and Applescript for end-user utilities – so you can find the answer to what changed by asking Jesse or Rob in that forum.


An entry in a DevonThink Pro database

will produce in TaskPaper2:


being clickable and takes the user to the relevant entry in DevonThink Pro.


Will do but thought I would ask here first as the script is included with DevonThnk Pro.


The script fails at this line (and other lines that use the same “make new” command:

set theProject to make new «class TPpr» with properties {name:"Inbox"}

the failure is

Can’t make class «class TPpr».

The scripting dictionary for TaskPaper 3 has the “make new” command – as it was in TaskPaper 2 (excerpt below is from the TaskPaper 3 scripting dictionary:

so I assume that the underlying classes used in the “type class” definition have changed in v3. If so, then you just need to know what to change in the code, recompile, and save it under a different name. Jesse, the author of TaskPaper 3, can quickly explain what to fix (if a fix is possible) without speculation.

BTW, the script was adapted by DEVONtech in 2010 from another source.

My belief as well, korm

Rob posted a JXA replacement for this script - with installation instructions – over at Hog Bay’s forum: … per-3/1996