Script for Apple Reminders in smart Rule


I wannted to build a smart rule that set an Todo in Apples System Reminder App. Could I use the script from script menu? I know I have to change it, but how? Or is there another way?


No ideas? I changed the script but it doesn’t start the Application Reminders. Don’t know why.
This is my script now: Make Reminder is just for testing. Of course it must be in the repeat function.

on performSmartRule(theRecords)
tell application id “DNtp”
set due_date to current date
set due_date to due_date + 3600 * 48
repeat with theRecord in theRecords
tell theRecord to make new reminder with properties {schedule:once, alarm:notification, due date:due_date}
end repeat
end tell
tell application “Reminders”
make reminder with properties {name:“Test”, remind me date:current date, body:“Hallo”}
end tell
end performSmartRule

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