Script no longer working

One of the built-in scripts that I use frequently is Downloads - Links on page. In the last couple of months, it seems to have stopped working. Has an update to DT3 made it stop?

No idea.
What URL are you trying it on?

The item that does not work contains these links and about 20 others from the same site:

- E-Discovery Update Dec18
- Drafting Forensic Exam Protocols
- Getting Critical Info from Tough Locations
- Preserving iPhone Content
- Technology Primer: Backup
- What Every Lawyer Should Know
- Discovery from Mobile Devices

I have learned that the script works fine on a computer that is still running Yosemite. It seems to be the upgrade to Catalina that broke it.

DEVONthink 3 isn’t compatible to Yosemite actually. Which version do you use on that machine? In addition, which edition of DEVONthink 3 do you use? Because the download manager is only part of the Pro/Server editions. Finally, are the options of the download manager identical on both machines?

The OS is High Sierra (my mistake previously), ver 10.13.6.

Devon is Pro, 3.0.4

I will have to check on Download Manager.

Download Manager on both machines is set for “only added files.”

Which macOS version is installed on the computer where the script fails?


I may have found the answer. It looks like the files were queued but not released on the Catalina machine. I will check further.