Script or KM or other Automation to Create Metadata Overview

I would like to automate the process of creating a metadata overview over an entire database on a regular basis and then exporting the file to a specific directory on my Mac.

I do not see an option for this in the Applescript dictionary.

Doing this in KM seems a bit challenging get the focus or item selections such that the menu option appears.

Once the metadata is created I am not sure how to script the download/export of the result since a new item will have a new UUID each time.

Thoughts on how to do this?

See Tools - Create Metadata Overview

So, a .tsv file with columns showing the value of each metadata field; name, kind, tags, url, …
Using Applescript, the info can be extracted for each note
and written to a .tsv file

Well yes - I suppose I could reinvent the wheel and rewrite in Applescript the entire existing feature. I was hoping instead there is a way to simply automate execution of the feature which already exists.

Creating a metadata overview via the menu command requires a selection. Otherwise, @DTLow is on the right track of suggesting you’d have to do the metadata file creation and export via scripting.

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Just curious what you will do with the Metadata Overview output.

I am building the equivalent of an API for DT3 which will let me create dashboards and other custom front-end interfaces to access my Devonthink database over the web.

I have asked a developer to help with what (for me) is the hardest part - taking an x-devonthink link on a website and retrieving the underlying document or group it represents.

Thereafter I plan to use the low-code tool Retool to write dashboards or custom workflows applicable for my particular use cases.

Basically the idea is to build something beyond the existing DT3 web server that can be customized for specific purposes including making maximum use of DT3 custom meadata.

Awesome. Thanks for the feedback. Good luck.