Script or tool to edit the Author metadta

This is not directly about DT. But, I hope you guys (fellow users) will help me.

I have been trying to change the Author metadata of a large number of files in my library. I found a couple of terminal commands on the net that appear to do the task:

  • xattr -w “Author” File.rtfd

But, this is not working for me.

Do you guys some kind of trick or tool to mass-change the Author metadata?

This just adds an extended attribute which Spotlight and other apps might use/index but doesn’t change the actual author of the RTFD.

DEVONthink’s script support can’t handle this nor does the one of TextEdit. And I’m not aware of any Automator actions to handle this.

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Exiftools has been great for modifying the metadata of images including pdf file. But, I couldn’t find a similar tool for textual files.
Thank you for the clarification dear @cgrunenberg

Please open a support ticket as I have something to discuss. Thanks.

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Thank you dear @BLUEFROG. I just did.

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