Script renaming files with the creation date (yyyy-mm-dd)

Hello DT Community –

I know this script must exist somewhere, but I can’t seem to locate it. Maybe I need to go get some more coffee…

In my knowledge base, every file starts with the year - month - day. I use the full year, month and day in this format. (i.3. 2023-01-19) Can someone point me to a script that does this, ideally based on the creation date of the file?

Mea culpa in advance… I know it is here somewhere!

Many thanks!

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Actually it’s not necessary to use a script, both batch processing (see Tools menu) and smart rules could also handle this. See Change Name action, then use the Insert Placeholder submenu of the contextual menu to insert the desired date components.

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Wow! I have read the DT book and have used DT for ages now, and I learn something new ALL the time. Thanks for this!

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And there’s of course something new in every release to discover :smiley:


Make sure you check out the built-in Help and manual. In this case, the Automation chapter would be useful.

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Thank you. DevonThink is so comprehensive, it’s almost as if I need a PKM strategy just to manage the information about it! LOL Amazing tool.

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