Script Tickler file not included in template?

Hi there,

installed the Tickler File template. In the folder “Script and Readme” I only find the readme file and not the script.

Does anyone use this with DT3 and likes to share how to activate it?

TIA and Kind regards,


Hi Franz-Josef,

you can install the tickler file using Help > Tutorials > Install Extras > Templates.

Once installed, you can use the tickler file either in the context menu (right mouse key) or Data > New from Template > Registers. Please make sure you are in the correct database and group before using it.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Steffi, thank you. I got the template installed, but I don’t know how to use it. I thought there was a script included that puts the content of you tickler folders into the inbox … but I can’t find it. Cheers, Franz-Josef

Hi Fanz-Josef,

It is not a script but a template. If you go to Data > New from Template > Registers you will see the tickler file.

Please place your cursor onto a database or group and choose then Data > New from Template > Registers > tickler file. This will create then the full structure.

Hope that helps


Hi Steffi, sorry for nagging but I listened to a podcast episode of Nested Folders and there they pointed to the “1st really working tickler file” inside DT, because you simply put the appr. files in the subfolders and a script, that you invoke, using a shortcut or automatically, empties the content of the appr. day subfolder into the global inbox. Is that a myth or can one find this anywhere on Best, Franz-Josef

Hi Franz-Josef,

if you mean that a current structure can be copied without the files included - that is true and can be done by script.

Further, you can create your own structure in Finder and rename the top findet to abc.dtTemplate. Then you can use this structure in Data > New from Template > abc (Template)

If that is not what you are up to, please send me a link to the episode you have listening to.

Hope that helps