Script to add attachment & reminder to Omnifocus

Is there a script available that would allow me to add the selected attachment in DEVONthink to Omnifocus? Right now, the script I see available only creates a hyperlink and doesn’t attach the file.


There are scripts available in the forum, or out in the wild – check Rob Trew’s ComplexPoint GIT repo, or Justin Lancey’s Veritrope site.

Personally, I quit using the script in favor of OmniFocus 2’s Quck Entry panel. If you have an OF Quick Entry shortcut, and a shortcut defined in System Preferences for DEVONthink’s Edit > Copy Item Link, then the procedure is simple. Using the shortcuts, copy the item link, open the OF Quick Entry panel, complete the entry info, press command-’ to access the OF note for that entry, and paste the DEVONthink link. This is far more functional than anyone’s script, IMO, and really fast. You get the entry into exactly the project, context, and due date that you want. None of the available scripts are that precise.

To add to what korm suggested, the additional OmniFocus scripts posted here would most likely be posted in the Scripts sub-forum. Try searching there on ‘OmniFocus’.

Thank you! Yes, I forgot about the shortcut clipping…

To add an element to the workflow @korm mentions, I use the following TextExpander snippet to place the link copied from DT into a predefined text label for my notes in OF (and elsewhere). A simple idea that others could take and adapt easily.

[DEVONthink group for this project]: %clipboard

Nice. Here’s a riff on @TheWart’s idea – a KeyboardMaestro macro that puts onto the clipboard the DEVONthink item link for the selected record then invokes the OmniFocus quick entry window. (I have the quick entry window defined with control-space as the trigger – substitute your own hotkeys into this macro.) Paste the link that’s on the keyboard into the note section of quick entry.