Script to convert .docx to .rtf files

Hello all:

I get a lot of .docx files (Microsoft Word’s proprietary file type) and need to convert them to .rtf files.

Here’s my workflow at the moment:

1 / Open .docx externally (i.e. in Word)
2 / “Save As…” .rtf format, to the Desktop
3 / Drag .rtf file from Desktop to DT folder
4 / [optional step:] Delete original .docx file

So, you can see the problem: repeating 4 steps multiple times, particularly when I get a stack of 5 .docx files. :unamused:

In Automator, a script called “Convert Format of Word Documents” does the job from within Word’s scripts menu.

So surely I could make an Automator workflow that takes recently-added .docx files (only), converts them to .rtf in Word, and returns them to Devonthink – if not in the same folder, then perhaps in the Inbox? :confused:

Any advice / precedents for this would be really great.


Does DEVONthink’s Data > Convert > to Rich Text not work on your files?

Okay: :blush: I’m glad / ashamed to say that does exactly what I’m after. Thanks, korm. :slight_smile: