Script to Convert .webloc/Bookmarks to Web Archive then Delete?

Sorry if I just suck at search and wasn’t able to find it on the forums already, but does anyone know of a script (or built-in feature in DT) to convert a bunch of selected bookmarks/.webloc files to Web Archives and then delete the .weblocs once successful?

It’s not a huge deal to just select them now and convert them via left clicking, then manually deleting the .weblocs, but I just figured I’d ask here to see if there was a faster way. Thanks!

Have you looked at the Script menu > Download menu?

You could open the scripts directory, duplicate the as Web Archives script and modify it to remove the file after conversion.

@joshgibson, there is a long - and at times somewhat tortuous - thread here which examines many of the ins and outs of the various formats in which DT can capture and store web content. One lesson that I (who am a culprit in the discussion) learnt is to be really sure why you want to get URLs, webarchives, PDFs etc.

Happy to share a précis of my findings if it’d help you; Pete’s scripts and understanding of the issues are invaluable; good luck!

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A smart rule could perform this and could be e.g. used by dropping the bookmarks onto the rule.

Thank you! I wish I were more skilled at even modifying scripts, but alas, I am not. :rofl: Maybe this is a good excuse for me to get my hands dirty and give it a shot!

Ah, that’s a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn’t even considered smart rules being a possibility. I’ll give that a go now – thanks again!

Learning to script is always best started with some nominal goal in mind. :slight_smile: