script to create a "native" smart group?

Is there a way to create a “real” smart group with applescript? Everything that I found in the forum that mentions “smart group” appears to mean a regular group with an attached script. I don’t want that. I want to make one of those things with the purple folder icon with the sprocket on it. Thanks.

Use the Search window to conduct a search. When the results are displayed, click on the ‘+’ symbol to the right of the query field. The results are saved as a true smart group. Control-click on the new smart group and choose Smart Group Editor to add additional filters.

Thanks, but I guess I wasn’t clear. How do I do that with AppleScript? (Can I?)

You can create a smart group by

tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
	create record with {name:"jsb", type:smart group}
end tell

which, however, appears to create a smart group with no search, and no controls to add search terms… Also I can’t find a way to add search terms from a script, and neither do I see how to change (form a script) the search term (or other properties of the search) for a pre-existing smart group. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough though.

I’d be interested if someone knows how to do this.

Smart groups are not (yet) scriptable.

Since I think things are winding down for v1 of the iPhone/iPad version (which I am super-excited about, by the way :smiley:), I thought there might be a little more bandwidth for user requests so I would like to re-request this as it would be a real time-saver for me. Thanks.

I also just realized some ways that being able to create smart groups by applescript would be great. Is this still not supported? If it is, are there any examples out there?

Well, it’s possible to create a smart group but it’s still not possible to modify its conditions via AppleScript.

Just checking in on this - is it possible to modify the search criteria for a smart group using applescript yet?