Script to email notes/content to your Devonthink Inbox

Hi, I just made a little Script that allows you to import your emails into Devonthink. For example if you’re somewhere where you don’t have access to your Databases and want to jot a note down you can use this to save it while on the go. There are also ways to import images/files into your DT inbox and send to specific databases, although I haven’t scripted those yet. I’ll explain how to do those at the end.

It uses AppleScript and IFTTT. Tested it and it works great. Should also work with zapier.

I’ll show you how it works.

You do have to have DAV or Cloud File service (like Dropbox) for it to work (I prefer Box since it has WebDAV support.)

Anywho, you pop open your Dropbox/iCloud/Box folder on your mac and start setting up a Folder action:

That imports whatever file is placed in it

Now all we need is a way to get our files into that Dropbox/box location while on the go. That’s where IFTTT comes in. As i was trying to make the email one, I actually found a way to just import notes rather than emails (which is actually better,) but i’ll show you how to set up actions doing both.

“DO note” iPhone app (free):

This action makes it so that you tap it, it asks you what you want your note to say, then it pops it into that Dropbox/box location

That just plops whatever you put in the note into a text file. I also set up an email one in IFTTT (different app, same creator, also free):

Open Outlook (or whatever email client):

Let’s check out box Folder on Mac:

And we see that it’s there:

Now the AppleScript should automatically plop it onto our DEVONThink for us. Let’s check…

Andddddd, we have success. To send pictures, the DO Camera app should do nicely using the same setup. If you need something more complex, workflow for iOS also allows you to set up somewhat complex workflows on iOS with all sorts of crazy actions. Launch is capable of some pretty crazy things too.

Any questions, be sure to ask.

Furthermore, if you’d like to use this method with SIRI, there’s a way too. Just set a contact with

the berth as the mobile number. Yes, I know it’s an email address in the Mobil Number slot, but when you try to text an email address it automatically forwards the SMS to MMS and converts it.

The reason you want it set up like this is so you can pick up your iPhone and tell SIRI “Tell DEVONthink [insert note here]” Rather than having to say “Email DEVONthing [insert message here]” which is less natural,and she’s going to prompt you for a subject and everything. If you’d like to do it that way you’re welcome to, but for me I use it while on the go so I want it as quick as possible.

Thanks for this!

Once again proof of all the ways to skin/butter/fly a cat! 8)

These are interesting. Thanks!

Seems like a lot of steps, though. Why not just use an iOS app that saves to Dropbox (or Box, or whatever) and index that folder in DEVONthink? If you want to dictate, then use iOS’s dictate feature.

Or, if you have DEVONthink Pro Office, then use the included Mail Rule Scripts (Install Add-Ons) to make as many mail rules as you wish to insert the messages into your database.

BTW, huge screen shots are very difficult to read on any device – especially a phone – I had to go to a desktop computer to read these posts :open_mouth:

Well that’s essentially what the DO App does. It just takes your note and saves it to Box in text format. Then I have a folder Action pull that into DT. I just set up the email thing as a second way to get your stuff in.

That’s a good idea too. Didn’t think of that.

And I have a Retina MacBook so the screenshots come out huge. I mean there’s a way to batch covert them, but writing this post took a good 2 minutes anyway.