Script to import from CSV: create groups, add md, tags & files

I wish I could import about 600 historical records from an Omeka database. Unfortunately I have zero skills with Apple Scrips and don’t know how to achieve it.

I edited a CSV file and this is a simplified version of the data I wish to import:

The goal would be to:

  1. Create groups named with “title”
  2. Add “source”, “identifier” and “date” as custom metadata and “tags” to each group
  3. Create a new rich text file with data from “subject” and save this file inside each group
  4. Import file or files listed in “files” to each group

Final goal will be to start making use of DT file annotations and transcribe each page (jpg file), then save the new rich text files inside the correspondent group.

There’s already a script to import files from CSV but it’s quite different from my objectives.

Welcome @migcenteno
Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket. Please send along the .CSV file for me to look at.